Location and Area

Jhalawar is located in the south east corner of Rajasthan at the edge of the Malwa plateau. The State of Madhya Pradesh borders Jhalawar on the south west and in the east of Jhalawar district, while to the north west, north and north east are Ramganj Mandi, Sangod tehsils of Kota district and north east are Atru and Chhipabarod tehsils of Baran district.

To the north the Mukandara Range, running from north-west to east. From a rough boundary between the two districts but Khanpur is beyond the main range.

The district is situated between 23o45'20'' and 24o52'17'' north latitudes and 75o27'35'' and 76o56'48'' east longitudes.

*Source: http://www.statistics.rajasthan.gov.in/socio_Jhalawar.aspx


Important STD Codes of District



STD Code

Jhalawar , Jhalara Patan , Asnawar , Bakani , Mandawar Ratlai 07432
Khanpur , Dahi Kheda , Sarola , Harigarh 07430
Aklera , Manohar Thana , Ghatoli , Jawar , Bhalta 07431
Bhawani Mandi , Guradia Joga , Karavan , Mishroli 07433
Pirawa , Sunel , Raipur , Salotia 07434
Dag , Chaumehla, Gangdhar 07435




Jhalawar district is an expanse of fertile plain having rich black-cotton soil. It is watered by several rivers, giving it a verdant look. The largset river flowing through the area is Kali Sindh which flows through the territory to join the Chambal, Rajasthan's largest river. Other rivers include Ujaad, Ahu, Parvan, Chavli, etc.

The Aravali hills, which are the most ancient folded mountain range in India, crosses the region, roughly dividing the plains of hadoti from the Malwa plateau. These hills and the surrounding areas were once thickly forested and teemed with wildlife.